NFTA meetings are held annually, currently at The Wigwam Resort and Spa in Litchfield Park, Arizona. N.F.T.A. uses the Modified American Plan.

We provide several "get acquainted" activities to allow new members to fit in quickly and take advantage of the forum. In addition to speakers and seminars, ample time is provided for individual or group shipper-carrier conferences, which may be scheduled in advance of arrival or are spontaneously set up during the meeting. Recreation including tennis, golf, and volleyball is provided to facilitate relationship and team building and to assist new members in meeting current members. Social activities are also arranged to encourage the participation of your significant others and to allow them to get to know other members and their partners. New members are quickly encouraged to join committees that coordinate the various events as a way of meeting new people!


March 27 thru 31, 2019
at the Wigwam Resort & Spa Litchfield Park, Arizona